Proofing process

  • Telephone reservation or online message proofing

    Telephone reservation or online message proofing

    You can call our service hotline 0757-22260158 to make an appointment proofing service, and you can apply by online message. Free proofing service

  • Mailing proofing materials

    Mailing proofing materials

    Address: No. 84, Shunxiang Road, Fengxiang Industrial Zone, Daliang, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

    To: DMS Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Phone: 0757-22260158

  • Cutting process display

    Cutting process display

    Through the mobile video live broadcast or mobile video recording mode for your cutting machine cutting process

  • Complete sample return

    Complete sample return

    We will send the cut samples back to your company according to the address you sent. The mailing number will inform you by phone, WeChat, QQ, etc.


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