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Cutting machine overview


Dimais digital cutting machine is mainly for intelligent cutting of non-metallic flexible materials, which can complete all kinds of processes such as full cutting, half cutting, boring and milling, punching, crease, marking, etc., to solve the problem of special-shaped drawing cutting. Improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs; reduce the rate of defective products caused by manual cutting, help users to achieve high-quality cutting results faster, more stable and more accurate at low cost, improve user market competitiveness, and seize more Market share is widely used in advertising packaging, clothing and footwear, automotive interiors, luggage, composite materials and other industries.


Dimais Digital Cutting Machine Features:


1. Overcut optimization function: The CAM software independently developed by Dimais is used to optimize the physical overcut phenomenon of the tool to minimize the contour of the figure and bring the perfect cutting effect to the customer.
2. Intelligent countertop compensation function: Detects the flatness of the countertop with a high-precision distance detector, and corrects the plane in real time through software to ensure high-quality cutting effect.
3. Positive and negative cutting function: Combine the surface detection function to realize intelligent positive and negative graphic cutting function
4. Automatic tool setting function: Fast and simple automatic tool setting system, using fiber laser sensor to accurately detect the tool and improve the efficiency of tool setting
5. Tool change module: Simple and efficient tool holder quick change system makes operation easier and more convenient
6. Multi-task efficient cycle cutting, smart adsorption configuration

Adaptor & Application Materials


High performance milling cutter cutting machine



Using high-speed, high-performance imported spindle motors, depending on the material and application, the number of revolutions can be up to 60,000 rpm, the cutting edge is smoother, and the non-metallic hard material and flexible material can be cut to a thickness of 20 mm. It is superior to traditional cutting equipment and meets the 24/7-day uninterrupted work requirements to maximize material yield. Equipped with professional and high-efficiency vacuuming device, the whole cutting process has no odor, no dust, no health impact on employees, and meets environmental protection standards.


1. ABS plastic
2. PVC foam board
3. Acrylic sheet
4. Aluminum composite panel
5. Insulation board
6. MDF medium density fiberboard
7. MDF


High-frequency vibrating knife cutting machine


The high-frequency vibrating knife cutting machine cuts through the material through the principle of high-frequency vibration. It is equipped with various amplitude tools for different materials to ensure high-speed, high-efficiency and high-quality production and processing of various non-metallic flexible materials. It can be cut by selecting different angles. Blades, such as 45°, 26°, 16° etc., cut materials of different thicknesses.

1. corrugated cardboard
2. Honeycomb board
3. KT board
4. Gray cardboard
5. PVC foam board
6. Leather
7. Carpet
8. Corrugated plastic board


Multi-angle bevel cutter cutting machine


The groove lines of different angles can be adjusted according to different cutting requirements. You can cut 0/deg;, 15°, 22.5°, 35°, 45° corner, material thickness &16mm.

1. Honeycomb board
2. Moderately rigid PVC
3. Corrugated paper
4. Gray board paper
5. Cardboard


Indentation knife cutting machine


The indentation knife cutter creases the material through the indentation wheel, and the perfect indentation effect is obtained by replacing the pressure roller of suitable depth and width. The directional pressure adjusts the indentation or wrinkle, and the software indentation tool can be used to directionally or reverse the direction of the material, resulting in a higher quality indentation without damaging the surface of the material.

1. Corrugated paper
2. Gray board paper
3. PC
4. Coated paper


Circular knife cutting machine


The round knife drives the blade to rotate the cutting material at high speed by DC motor. It is equipped with a circular blade or a 10-corner blade to cut all kinds of materials. It can significantly reduce the drag force and help cut off each fiber or thread.

1. Banner cloth
2. Non-woven fabrics
3. Banner cloth
4. Textile fabrics
5. Braided materials
6. Glass fiber
7. Aramid fiber


Tow cutter cutting machine


suitable for cutting ≤ 5mm flexible materials

1. Cardboard
2. Sticker stickers
3. Thin plastic
4. pp adhesive
5. Chevron Board
6. Blanket
7. Soft glass
8. Imitation leather
Digital cutting machine hardware advantages
  • Head design

    With a convenient and replaceable head design concept, the tool heads with different functions can be replaced and added according to actual needs.
  • Communication

    The data interface is a Gigabit network interface, which enables remote upgrade and maintenance, and the transmission speed is fast and the distance is long.
  • Countertop

    Adopting advanced and mature rolling table design, aluminum “honeycomb” vacuum adsorption platform maintains a flat cutting platform and improves cutting precision.
  • Control System

    Independent research and development of human-machine interface operating system, humanized design, intelligent recognition of knife cutting, fast capture of cutting targets.
  • Imported felt

    Imported felt, wear-resistant, breathable, ensuring high flatness of the cutting platform.
  • Collision avoidance

    Safety anti-collision system to ensure the safety of operators.

Digital cutting machine software features


Dimais digital cutting machine adopts self-developed CAM software. The user needs are perfectly integrated into the software design. It is a fully automatic intelligent cutting system that combines the three advantages of performance, speed and quality. It can complete the full cutting quickly. Semi-cutting, boring and milling, punching, crease, marking and other processes, the operation is simple and convenient, the function is rich and practical, and the tool quick change module can meet the customization needs of users.

绘图软件特点 切割机软件特点

Schematic diagram of the cutting process


Digital cutting machine technical parameters

Main technical parameters of the equipment

Technical parameters / model DMS-2516A
Multi-function Tools can be easily changed, with ornamental engraving, milling, vibration cutting, half cutting and creasing, drawing, the cursor position and optional precise camera position
Safety device Using infrared sensors, respondive, safe
Moving speed 800-1500mm/s
Cutting speed 200-1200mm/s(according to different cutting materials)
Cutting thickness 40mm(More than 40mm can be customized
Material Fixed Vaccum System
Cutting tolerance ±0.05mm
Servo resolution ±0.01mm
 Transmission interface Ethernet
Network transmission distance ≤350米
Buffer capacity 2GB
Transmission system Import (Digital servo motor、Linear guide、Synchronous belt、Screw、Gear)
Normal power 7.5-11KW
Voltage 380V± 10%
Working Range 2500×1600mm
Max feeding width 1600mm
Product size 3521×2186×1280mm
Packing Size 3670×2340×1500mm
Gross Weight 1150KGS


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